Top 5 Activities to Enjoy on an African Safari

Although seeing the huge diversity of animals that an Africa safari has to offer is no doubt at the top of your priority list, have you considered some of the activities and other sights that you might wish to enjoy during your visit? Here we suggest 5 activities not to be missed:

Enjoy the Great Migration from the Air on African Safari

Millions of wildebeest, zebra and antelope make the journey between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya each year; visit the Masai Mara between June and November to take in this amazing sight. However, what is impressive on the ground is even more staggering when seen from the air. Take a relaxing hot air balloon flight to gaze in wonder at the views below.

Marvel at the Victoria Falls in Zambia

They might not be the highest or widest falls in the world, but that doesn’t mean they are any less impressive; feel the force of nature on African safari. There are opportunities locally for white water rafting, to view the falls from a microlight or to take a more peaceful cruise on the Zambezi River to view the wildlife grazing on its banks.

Trek in Rwanda’s Mountains

The scenery in Rwanda is second to none with its mystical rainforests and mountains providing the perfect backdrop for a wildlife trek; many people visit here purely to spot the endangered mountain gorillas, but the mountainous landscape is breathtaking.

A Desert Island Experience in Mozambique

Unlike the busier destinations for an African safari, Mozambique is the ideal location to escape the crowds and enjoy tranquillity during your adventure. If you have ever wanted to laze on the beach on a desert island, that dream can come true when you visit one of the countries many beautiful islands scattered off its coastline. Scuba dive off one of these for an underwater safari, which provides you with the chance to experience some of the finest reefs in the World; swim close to colourful fish, rays, turtles and dolphins.

Take a Horseback Safari in Namibia

In contrast to the plains and hills more commonly associated with a safari, Namibia offers a spectacular desert experience; gaze at the expansive sand dunes and unusual rock formations. Add an extra element to your visit by taking to the saddle to explore what this wondrous landscape has to offer. Despite its dryness, elephants and lions are found in increasing numbers and the Etosha National Park is one of the best areas in Africa to catch a glimpse of cheetahs. If you are seeking a different experience on African safari, this is your answer.


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