Great Fall Destinations

fall_cape_codAs you very well know, fall comes between summer and winter. It is time to start winding up the hot season and start prepping for winter. Autumn would also be an appropriate word. The fact that trees are shedding their leaves and the holiday season seems to come to an end does not mean that you cannot get places to visit. In the Northern regions, fall comes either in August or September. Anyways, you do not have to respond to the gloomy skies or chilly days by watching TV indoors. You can sample some tour destinations that are perfect for autumn.

Maui Island in Hawaii

The island has most of what you need for a fall vacation. There are miles of spectacular beaches, cultural diversity, spectacular views and a history to relive. The best time to visit Maui is from September to November. The weather at this time is great. In addition, there are few tourist crowds meaning you can get good offers on accommodation, car hire and entry fees to parks, museums and other places of attraction. There are also a number of cultural festivities that take place at this time of the year.

New York City

Fall is a wonderful time to visit New York. There are mild temperatures and beautiful shades of light that blend perfectly with the skyscrapers. You can take romantic walks with your mate or witness the magical parades of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is less crowded during the months of October and November. Cape Cod hotels and other amenities are also less expensive. Their rates drop considerably. In addition, the weather is relatively warm allowing you to visit and enjoy outdoor attractions.  The fall tourism season is ideal for an individual, groups or families that want to enjoy themselves on a budget.  Come October or November the beaches are nearly deserted. You can have fun under quiet and less crowded surroundings. The weather is bit chilly for anyone desiring to go for a swim. You had better stick to visiting attractions.

San Francisco

Get to ride on cable cars, treat your taste buds to amazing cuisine, and take in some sunshine on San Francisco bay. You could also catch views of the Alcatraz and the Golden Bridge, both popular among tourists. There is also a variety of cafes and dining places you can visit as well as enjoying the architecture. The crowds thin out during fall giving you chance to an adventure at a price you can afford. Use public transport instead of a hired car. You could also buy a pass that allows you to ride on all public transport. Majority of eating establishments close at 10 p.m. or thereabout so you should plan to eat your dinner early.

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