Getting a Taxi

taxi1While taxi cabs in the Los Angeles area are generally safe, clean, and reliable, people should still ensure some things before they are to get into one for their safety.

For one, taxi cabs might not be the easiest to flag down because of the size of the city, and on the same note, taxi rates are typically more expensive in Los Angeles as well, because of the distances of destinations. As a general rule of thumb, typical L.A. taxi cabs begin their meter at $2.65 USD, and increase the amount by $2.45 USD every traveled mile. Although, trips to the airport are generally set at a flat rate of $42.00 USD if traveling to the airport from L.A.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is if the taxi cab is a bandit cab, or if it’s an officially registered taxi cab. Bandit cabs are individuals who attempt to pass themselves off as a registered taxi cab driver, so that they are able to gain profits for themselves; while bandit cabs typically offer a lower rate, they are not a safe option at all.

Furthermore, women are very much encouraged to keep an eye out for these types of cabs, and ensure that there is a franchised official TAXI cab seal on the window of the cab. However, there are also some other tips that people can use to help make sure that they are getting into a safe, and legitimate taxi cab.

In California, there are rules for wearing a seat belt for both the driver of the taxi cab, as well as for the passenger. People might also want to consider bringing along a map with them if they need to look at directions to give the taxi cab driver.

Some final tips for keeping safe in a taxi cab are for people to trust their natural instincts about how they feel about the cab, as well as the driver. If people don’t feel comfortable about the situation, they should allow the cab to go on, while they wait it out for another taxi.

Another helpful tip, especially for women, is for them to choose to sit in the backseat of the taxi, rather than sitting up front with the driver. Lastly, when people are riding in a taxi, they should keep the talk formal, and more to a professional talk about the ride.

People should keep their keys in hand for when they arrive at their destination, this way they are able to quickly get indoors, after they’ve given the taxi cab driver the due fare, and a possible tip. For those that need a taxi cab in Los Angeles, following these basic tips will keep people safe when they are riding in a taxi cab.

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