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Review of is the website for an upscale Mediterranean restaurant called “Vlora Boston” that is situated in Boston’s Back Bay Restaurant district. They offer upscale cuisine for foods coming from the Northern Mediterranean region such as Italy, Greece and of course Albania. The restaurant takes many borrowings from Albania and offers a unique dining experience for those in the Boston area. Not only that, they also use high quality ingredients from the region and offers a great selection of vegetarian and vegan choices. They bring international cuisine to you without forcing you to actually travel the world.

Many “Mediterranean” restaurants claim to offer true Mediterranean cuisine, however often times it either focuses on one region or offers choices that not everyone will enjoy. The mix of Italian, Greek and Albanian is a refreshing choice to have at a restaurant and it would be interesting if more restaurants could follow this style. The owner of Vlora is from Albania and brings this influence to the culinary table.

The food is cooked with the up most care and quality using herbs I’ve never heard of, but glad they used them! They offer a variety of dishes such as stuffed meatballs to something more exotic like octopus. It is truly a unique dining experience. The deserts they have are they best around and they offer such treats like tiramisu and baklava.

The upscale environment is perfect to host your own upscale event. From a wedding dinner to a business meeting the restaurant looks great and provides great environment for your guest. The healthy and various choices the restaurant has will ensure that there is something for even the pickiest of your guests. A private room setting is available for bigger and more formal parties. They are also able to accommodate smaller “cocktail” functions that are intended to be more casual. There seems to be a 50′s feel to the restaurant which works in its favor. The end result is a very classy and upscale looking restaurant to eat with friends or clients you are trying to impress.

The service here is first class and the employees here will make you and your guests feel welcomed. It can be busy some nights, especially on the weekends so it is important to get a reservation if you plan to go out then. Otherwise, the restaurant offers specials at different times of the day so it is neat to come back and see what different specials they are offering.

Visiting Knoxville

Visiting KnoxvilleWhen visiting Knoxville you’ll quickly discover that there are some wonderful attractions to see. What better way to see these attractions and further enjoy your stay other than using a reliable, highly rated experienced Knoxville airport taxi service. They’ll help you reach your many destinations on time and know many of the attractions worth visiting. Using a taxi service is a great way to travel in a city you are unfamiliar with. What does Knoxville have to offer? Just read to find out.

Knoxville has many landmarks that visitors should see to get a better understanding and background of the city. The Market Square is a highly sought after landmark as it showcases the many shops, restaurants, café and each month they hold live art exhibits. The Sunsphere Tower is a 300 foot tower built during the 1982’s world fair and is another must see. The Confederate Memorial Hall is a historic site visitors should visit also. The East Tennessee History Center is another insightful place to visit to learn a little more about the history behind Knoxville. The Old City is great if you like to see what the old buildings looked like. A few other places to visiting Knoxville are Knox Country Old Gray Cemetery, McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, Women’s basketball Hall of Fame and Knoxville Museum of Art.

Knoxville also has some fun, relaxed activities that can be enjoyed by individuals or families with young and older kids. Some of those activities include the Ijams Nature Center, a great place for hiking alone or with the kids. World’s Fair Park, House Mountain State Park, Knoxville Botanical Garden, Knoxville Zoological Gardens which is a beautiful zoo with more than 800 animals, definitely worth a visit. For those wanting to get into more active activities, the Putt-Putt Golf & Games, East Tennessee Discovery Center are some great places.

Knoxville has so much to offer including shopping, a great nightlife with a lot of live music from its very own up and coming talented artist. Visitors can also find even more activities to do. So if you’re planning a trip to Knoxville whether it’s for business/pleasure or both; using a great Knoxville based airport taxi can make your trip even smoother than ever imagined. Don’t waste time getting lost and don’t miss out on the excitement that Knoxville has to offer. With an experienced taxi service everyone can see all the gems and beauty that is offered without missing a beat. Make lasting memories and new friendships in the city of Knoxville, during your next visit. Starting from the airport when visitors arrive all the way to the airport again when it’s time to leave, a taxi service can get you around!

Planning an Epic Guys Trip

Planning an Epic Guys TripRegardless of who you are or what kind of friends you have, everyone needs some quality friend time now and again where everyone can simply kick back, avoid work and spend time with one another. For guys, you probably have certain guy friends you’ve known for the majority of your life. In fact, many of these guys you might have known longer than any significant others or spouses you have. This makes them like family, and chances are, your best buds know just as much, if not more about you, than anyone else in your life. That is exactly why you guys need to take some time out and plan an epic guys trip.

When planning the Colorado tours, it is important for you to not go overboard and have everything planned down to the last detail. It is still important to leave a good amount of the trip open to potential adventure. You don’t need everything planned with your guy friends. You probably know some of the best times you have ever had with them has come when there were no plans at all. While you’ll have each other, the hotel and the destination, you’ll have plenty of time to explore and to just do what you and your friends do best. You shouldn’t feel like you are at work or even school with a strict schedule.

Ditch the cell phones. All of the phone calls from the wife, work and the kids can bring you down on your epic guys trip. This isn’t saying you are avoiding them and abandoning them, but everyone deserves to have their alone time, and this is your alone time with your guys. Plus, it also leads for some rather entertaining stories afterwards. Should you find yourself separated from your friends, you can still have a meet up place, but it might lead to some wild adventures trying to get back together. Each individual is going to have their own story and it could prove rather entertaining trying to locate your friend while they locate you. It just adds to the excitement while spending time with your friends.

Make sure to keep everyone in mind when planning the epic guys trip. You want to make sure you are going to be taking part in events and activities that everyone is going to enjoy. The last thing you want is one of your friends feeling left out because it isn’t something they like to do. While there can be smaller activities that are tailored towards some of the group, just make sure everyone receives activities they are going to like.

Planning an epic guys trip in and around Colorado isn’t difficult. The tours are going to help you our drastically in planning the event and make sure you are going to have a good time. However, you don’t want to go over board with the planning and you should always stay open to the possibility of new adventures at a moments notice, as you never know what might take place.