Fantastic Beach Vacations

hanuma bayI enjoy snowboarding but the cold Utah winters make me crave warm weather about now. I recently read a post on about romantic vacations which made me want to hit the beach even more.

Tahiti- In French Polynesia there are so many amazing islands but none interest me as much as Tahiti. I think I have wanted to visit since I watched a movie I am ashamed to admit 6 Days 7 Nights. Tahiti is very expensive but everyone who goes there falls in love and they always want to come back. You can even get your hotel room over the water with a partial glass floor to look at the water below. The combination of the crystal clear water, the beaches, and the mountain activities make it the top on my list. Maybe for my honeymoon!

Hawaii- I went to Oahu a few years ago for Christmas and fell in love with Hawaii. The prefect weather and boundless activities make it a must for me to return to. If you love snorkeling you should visit Hanauma Bay. I have never experienced anything like it. The coral reef provides protection to some of the most pretty tropical fish which can be easily seen while snorkeling in shallow water. If you need a break from snorkeling there is a great beach area.

Miami- Looking for something a bit closer to home, Miami could be the answer. The warm blue waters of the Atlantic are my favorite. South Beach is a fantastic place to stay and play. The parties are loud and last all night especially during Spring Break. Enjoy the clubs and the outdoor mall all within walking distance of most South Beach hotels.

Jamaica- Home of Dunn River Falls and Bob Marley Jamaica is a stop hit by most Caribbean cruises but you can spend a week or two in Jamaica and still have plenty of things to do. Don’t miss the Turtle Reserve and James Bond Beach.

Cancun- One of my favorite places I have visited is about 45 minutes from Cancun called Playa Del Carmen but the whole area is fantastic and pretty safe. You can visit Tulum Ruins, authentic Mexican villages, or hit Coco Bongo (the club where you see all of MTV’s spring break pictures from Cancun). Don’t miss snorkeling or scubaing the Cenotes (fresh water underground cave system full of amazing fishes)