5 Family Fun Things to Do in Columbus

columbus 2Choosing how to spend a free day together as a family is serious business. You might have several children of varying ages and likes, all of whom may be difficult to keep interested at one time. You’re weighing costs; as transporting and paying for a large family can get real pricey real fast. You want to take your family somewhere where they’ll be captivated yet intellectually stimulated. What’s more, you want to take family somewhere where you will be captivated and intellectually stimulated.

Here’s a list of just five ideas that are affordable, educational, and generally lots of fun:

1. The Columbus Museum of Art

So long as your kids don’t have a tendency to get overly loud, rowdy or rambunctious in public, perusing the Art Museum in a traditional capacity may be a viable option. Exposing children to art at an early age and engaging them in discussion over it is a great way to encourage them to develop artistic tastes and preferences of their own.

However, even if your kids are a little more tactile or high-energy, the museum offers a special Center For Creativity in which people of all ages are encouraged to engage in the space’s many hands-on activities and displays. There are tons of crafts and small art projects your kids can make there and even take home.

2. Take a Road Trip Downtown…

…Cleveland, that is. With one of the biggest cities in the midwest only about a two hour car ride away, there’s no reason for you to not make the trek for as little as one day to take in all Cleveland has to offer.

Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the Cleveland Children’s Museum. Stay a night and go see a Cleveland Indians game.

Kids will never cease to be fascinated by the electric appeal of urban areas.

3. The Library

Visit your neighborhood library for just an hour or two, or make a day of it by making the trek out to the architecturally gorgeous Main Library in the heart of Downtown Columbus. Kids can sometimes spend hours “shopping” for books, movies, audiobooks, and music. Letting them make their own decisions about what to check out can be a lot fun for them.

Making frequent trips to your local library will ensure that your children value their literacy for the rest of their lives. And their library books’ due date will stand to teach them a thing or two about the value of being punctual. What’s more, it’s completely and totally free.

4. The Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are both ranked, consistently, as one of the nation’s best. Taking your kids to the zoo can impart them with great ideals like conservation, compassion, and an overall fascination with our natural world!

The price of admission is actually fairly reasonable. You get both a zoo and aquarium experience for $10 for a child, $15 for an adult, and $11 for a senior citizen.

5. Zoombezi Bay

A world-class water park located right next to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It features a fantastic array of water slides, rides, and wave pools. Unlike most brainless theme parks, it features heavy themes of conservation and wilderness protection throughout.

Because of its association with the zoo, people often assume that purchasing admission to one guarantees you entrance to both. Admission to the water park, as you might’ve guessed, runs at a much steeper rate. Childrens’ admission costs ~$20, and adults cost ~$30. (Tip: to save money, buy tickets online. You’ll save about 10% off the price of each ticket)

But wherever you’re going…

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