Taking your Kid to His First Cubs Game

chicagocubsCreating a vacation event of a lifetime can include a trip across the street or around the world.  For a baseball fan, there’s nothing like taking a trip to Wrigley field and your kid’s first Cubs game.  If you’re traveling to Chicago on vacation to take in a game, here are some of the important things you should consider when making travel plans:

  • Determine which game you want to go to and coordinate travel plans around that date.  While the main event of your trip will be the game, you can create an entire vacation experience while in Chicago.
  • Begin by booking travel.   Depending on where you are traveling from you may want to drive or fly into Chicago.  As soon as you know the dates you plan to travel begin to search out air fare deals or travel rates.  With earlier purchases you can often find great deals on air fare.
  • Choose your hotel.  There are accommodation options in Chicago.  Some hotels are within walking distance of Wrigley Field while others will require you to drive, take public transportation, or a hired car.  Consider making your travel to and from the field part of the adventure and arrive in style.  click here for great travel options.  Consider the price at the hotel as well as the amenities when making your final choice.  Remember that location, services, and how far you are able to book in advance will help you find the best rates possible.
  • Add in other adventures to your trip.  Your day at the game is going to be a memorable experience for both you and your child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take in some of the other wonderful adventures that Chicago has in store for you.  From great dining locations to specific tourist attractions there are many different venues and opportunities available.  When traveling with your child they may also like visiting the Zoo, Navy Pier, and some of the more famous buildings throughout the city.
  • Remember the souvenirs.  While at the game remember to document this first ever experience.  Through pictures, souvenirs and small mementos you can make sure to bring home part of the experience with you.  Take a picture of your kid in front of the stadium, let them pick out the perfect reminder to take home, and even trying to catch a game ball will make the trip more enjoyable and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Planning your child’s first trip to a Cubs game can be quite the adventure.  When you combine that with a vacation that includes other sites and opportunities you’ll create memories together that will last long beyond the game.  Take the time to consider the many different options and activities available and create a trip that includes a variety of interests and activities to experience in Chicago.