Visiting Chicago

chicago_bean_and_life_by_alierturk-d3agi0uTake around a Chicago Limousine and see the sights on your next trip to the amazing windy city. From museums to art galleries to eateries there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. After all, there can only be one city with the real Chicago style pizza.

  1. Get started on the historical Navy Pier that has been a meeting place since 1916. On it you will find the stained glass museum, the fantastical indoor botanical Crystal Gardens, the iconic Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the Chicago Children’s Theater, and more. You can take the whole family for a day on the town to the IMAX and museums and experience the city all on one long pier
  2. Go just south of downtown to Soldier Field to see a ballgame with the Chicago Cubs. Experience fandom at it finest with hot dogs, drinks, and entertainment for all kinds of crowds. Take the family or your clients at a good deal.
  3. Try deep-dish pizza the way that only Chicago can do it in one of the acclaimed little restaurants. That intimate atmosphere is achieved in a large city only in one of these family owned eateries. Gorge on some of the best cheese, sauce, and crust combinations in the world, according to many. There are several other fantastic restaurants to try out after a long day of taking it all in. And nothing is complete without a play on the palette.
  4. Take a lovely Chicago Limousine to the home of Michael Jordan, United Center. Where both the Bulls and the Blackhawks play, you can catch another game here and see why so many celebrities enjoy front row tickets. Take a chance at getting up close to the action this time around.
  5. Take a walk at the 25-acre Millennium Park, home to some incredible landscaping, architecture, and cultural art pieces. Bask in the beauty of what man has made mixed with the creations of earth at this peaceful break from the inner city.
  6. See the sights from above on an audio tour at the highest open-air experience in Chicago. Located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center, you can get see what it is all about. With talking telescopes, as well as a history wall and ticketing area reminiscent of the opening of the building, you can spend a day down memory lane at this namesake for a great forefather.
  7. Check out the music scene at a club like Buddy Guy’s Legends or at the richer Symphony Center to see the orchestra perform. Either way you are in for an enriching treat.

See the sights like the giant river, taste the iconic pizza tastes, and enjoy the atmosphere cruising around in a Chicago Limousine on your next trip to Illinois’ downtown.

Traveling to Important US Historical Spots

img_6520One of the great vacations you can take as a family is to visit important US Historical spots.  Both close to home and across the country you can find interesting places to stop and visit.  Some of the most popular places to visit include the historical sites in Washington DC such as the Capitol, the White House, and many of the important monuments.  In other areas of the country historical spots include Promontory Point where the cross-continental railroad was completed, Philadelphia, and even Marthas Vineyard tourism spots as well as other wineries in California.  When planning a vacation to visit these historical spots here are some important things to consider:

  • Begin planning for your trip by deciding how far away you want to travel.  Deciding exactly where to go could be based on budget, interest, other events happening nearby or many other criteria.  As a family, decide what your final destination and then you can begin to look at the different historical sites that are close to that area.
  • Plan how you will travel and the route you will take.  As you begin to map out the route you will travel to get to your destination city, especially if traveling by car, you may notice there are other historical sites along the journey.  Decide if you want to include any of these other sites in your travel plans.
  • Once you know exactly where you want to go you need decide when your trip will happen.  Depending on the time of year this could alter your travel or vacation plans.  Because many people do most of their vacation traveling in the summer you should expect to find historical sites more crowded during these times.  For some of these sites you should plan ahead to see if you need reservations or tickets for tours or visits.  If you are looking for less crowded times to visit consider altering your dates to include weekdays instead of weekends or off-season dates.
  • Make other travel arrangements.  In addition to deciding on the individual places you want to visit during your vacation, you’ll need to determine where you will stop and stay.  Planning the route allows you to choose hotels near attractions you want to visit to make reservations at.
  • Finally, it’s important to begin to calculate the cost of your trip.  Planning and preparing for the cost well in advance allows you to save the funds for the trip as well as for extras you want to purchase while on vacation.

Take a vacation the whole family will remember as well as learn from when you take the opportunity to visit one of the many historical sites of our country.  Whether you’re looking for a short day trip or a week long adventure you’re sure to find a place nearby as well as far away to stop and visit.